Tipperary’s Mattie McGrath has reservations on future of child welfare services

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has expressed serious reservations for the future of child welfare services in this Country following the official establishment of the new Child and Family Agency.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has expressed serious reservations for the future of child welfare services in this Country following the official establishment of the new Child and Family Agency.

Seeking Ryans

Dear Editor,

I wondered if, through your newspaper, whether it would be possible to insert a small piece about my family history research?

I am particularly interested to find out anything at all about my great great Grandmother and her family. Her name was Ellen Ryan. She married on the 9th May 1848 at Clonmel Church, Co Tipperary, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the United Church of England and Ireland by Licence, in the Presence of J R Lyse and John Moloney, Officiated by J B Gordan, Curate. Her age is given as “minor” at the time of her marriage and her occupation was a Servant, her address being given as Clonmel. Her father was Thomas Ryan who was a Gardener. She married a James Grant, of full age, Bachelor and a Sergeant of the 47th Regiment, who I understand was stationed at Clonmel at the time.

I wondered if there were are any descendants of family, or connections still in the area, or where I may find a more detailed address of Ellen Ryan in Clonmel at the time. I have no idea where she was born or what her mother’s name was, I know that Ryan is a very popular surname in the area so I am possibly clutching at straws, but live in hope.

If anyone may be able to offer any help it would be very much appreciated.

My contact details are:

Mary Jones,


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End of an era

Griffin’s Thurles Closure

Dear Editor,

31/12/2013 saw the close of a well renowned premises in Liberty Square “Griffins.”

The daily customers were in turmoil. “What are we going to do. It will take big getting used to.”

Griffins was a most welcoming shop. It was a meeting place in the mornings for the regulars who were greeted always in the most courteous and friendly way. If there was a lotto win, big or small, the joy was shared by the staff and they got great satisfaction in saying “You have a win.”

Griffins always had a lovely staff. Those of us who remember the good old days recall Jackie himself had a word for everyone. He set up the business and created a little gold mine because of his manner and attention to customers.

His sister, Maryln worked in the shop for years. She was a lady in every sense of the word. The Griffins made every customer feel important.

The customer friendly culture continued with Jackie’s late wife Kay and into the next generation with Cathriona and other family members.

They would be the first to acknowledge that they were blessed with the people that worked for them.

In latter years Ann O’ Shea, (until she retired) and Kay Smith were the face of “Griffins” to many people and right well they represented the “brand”. Kay Smith in particular was there to bring down the curtain. Tadhg, who joined the shop in the last year was the salt of the earth and was a thorough gentleman.

All Griffins customers over the years will wish them well. It surely is the end of an era.

Custaimear bronach

European Union

Dictatorship Suffocates Independence!

Dear Editor,

Pondering on a news item recently referring to the consequences of EU input to media and journalism, I just thought -- hasn’t membership of the EU made us feel very helpless and fettered? Realising the colossal cost of electing and maintaining an ‘over-size’ Government of our own in a small island-nation, even allowing for the Troika having left, the amount of dictatorship coming from outside doesn’t make sense.

Our insecurity is greater than ever and our economy in tatters. Why are most of our youth leaving for UK, US, Canada and Australia – with so few interested in moving to the great European empire that we share as partners?

We fail to believe as members of this empire our every action is inhibited by commands and prohibitions, with no option but to comply with how they operate - and accept their rulings. Is it any wonder the UK electorate are becoming so unhappy?

Here is the last straw! EU officials now want to control the water we use flushing the ‘Lou’ and urinal. An EU commission has spent 3 years and €90,000 of taxpayer’s money trying to determine the ideal amount of water necessary for our most private needs. Lavatory flushes will shortly be regulated across the EU - a new ‘euro flush’ - 5 litres for lavatories and one litre for urinals -- according to draft proposals. (UK Times). The bureaucrats have stooped so low this time, even our own Government is ashamed to reiterate the proposals and admit they’re true.

I would have taken it for granted such assessments would be made here and proposals come direct from our new Irish Water Company!

James Gleeson,



Seeking Information

John Daly

Dear Editor,

I am looking for some information on my grandfather John Daly from 3 Mitchel Street Thurles Co Tipperary who joined the “Tipperary Star” as a printer in around 1911 Any news would be greatly appreciated as i am doing a Daly Family tree. Regards

Patrick Daly

EMail dalypaddy@hotmail.com


New agency

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has expressed serious reservations for the future of child welfare services in this Country following the official establishment of the new Child and Family Agency. Deputy McGrath was speaking after the Agency which involves the bringing together of over 4,000 staff and a budget of almost €600m from three existing bodies - the Health Service Executive, the Family Support Agency and the National Educational Welfare Board, has already faced serious criticism surrounding staffing difficulties:

“While I recognise there are bound to be teething problems for any new Agency, it remains the case that our recent history is full of Government attempts to centralise the work of various services with little or no positive effect and to that extent lessons need to be learned before they are repeated. It seems that this Government’s response to everything is to centralise first and ask questions later. My sense is that we will be dealing with the fallout of this new Agency for some time to come,” concluded Deputy McGrath.