Crime on the Increase in Thurles - Cllrs

By Noel Dundon

By Noel Dundon

Incidents of anti-social behaviour and serious crime are on the increase in Thurles according to members of the Town Council.

The matter was discussed in full at the January meeting with members putting across the view that not enough patrolling of the streets by Gardai is being undertaken.

Councillor Jim Ryan raised the matter in response to the high number of break-in’s in the town in recent times and he lamented the loss of the Tenant Liaison Officer to the town which he felt directly affected the crime levels. “He was highly respected and was able to keep a handle on what was going on,” Cllr Ryan said.

Councillor David Doran agreed with Councillor Ryan and called on people to look out for each other in an attempt to reduce the level of crime. “We should do whatever we can to counteract the criminals who seem to be breaking in everywhere and are getting away with it,” he said.

Councillor Michael Cleary wondered if the council to examine how much it would cost to extend CCTV to other areas of the town. It is acting as a real deterrent in and around the covered areas, he said, and could be a vital tool in fighting crime.

However, Councillor Noel O’Dwyer countered by saying that a few Gardai on mountain bikes moving swiftly throughout the town would be more of a deterrent that anything else.

Dwyer Welcomes Works

Cllr Noel Dwyer has welcomed works at Dehreen to taper a footpath to facilitate buggy and wheelchair use. He also welcomed work undertaken on a kerb at Cabra Road (near Skehans) where a dangerous section was sticking out. The works were badly needed and well done, he said.