Thurles To Newport Road Is ‘Next To Impassable’

The Thurles to Newport road has been described as “next to impassable” by Cllr Mattie Ryan “Coole”.

The Thurles to Newport road has been described as “next to impassable” by Cllr Mattie Ryan “Coole”.

Appealing for North Tipperary County Council to get funding “from somewhere” for the R503, he said: “I don’t think it can be left in that condition. How can we stand over that road?”

Cllr Ryan told the September meeting of the area council that you “couldn’t expect anybody to buy a new car and pay tax and then drive it on that road”.

Senior engineer Michael F Hayes agreed that it was “bad in places. Realignment is needed on a lot of it.” He pointed out that E300,000 had been spent on the road so far this year and the council was looking for more funding.

Earlier, Cllr Ryan had described the road as “the worst regional road in the country”.

He said that people use it to visit the Clare Glens and for the walking festival in Upperchurch, but that because of the state of the road, it was sending out a “very bad message”.

People who built homes along the R503 were entitled to a good road, he said.

His comments were backed by his fellow coouncillors.

Cllr John Carroll said that the road was “very dangerous and very heavily trafficked”.

Cllr John “Rocky” McGrath said it “needed a serious bit of work”.

Area engineer Michael Hayes replied that the council did some work on the R503 each year. “With the winters we have had for the past two years we have spent the budget just keeping it open. We even had people out on St Stephen’s Day. We do make applications for funding, but these have not been successful,” he said.

Cllr Ryan asked for a deputation of three residents from along the road to attend the next meeting and this was agreed.

Meanwhile, Cllr Jonathan Meaney said that there were also problems on the R504 as the surface was uneven.