Nenagh’s generosity helps Nepal’s recovery following devastating earthquakes

Fionnuala Daffy with members of the Nenagh Nepal Earthquake Committee Sheila Corrigan, Sinead Daffy and Virginia ODowd
A massive E30,000 has been generously donated by the people of Nenagh and surroundings areas to the Nenagh Nepal Earthquake Fund.

A massive E30,000 has been generously donated by the people of Nenagh and surroundings areas to the Nenagh Nepal Earthquake Fund.

The fund was set up after the devastating earthquakes in the Himalyan country last April and is being looked after by Nenagh woman Fionnuala Daffy, who runs a Buddhist school in Kathmandu.

So far, over E17,000 has been distributed to four local NGO groups who are working with the quake victims.

Ms Daffy was back in Nenagh last week to meet many of those who have contributed to the fund and outline how the money is being spent rebuilding Nepali communities. She also thanked all those who had contributed to the fund.

Among those to benefit is Grass Roots Movement in Nepal (GMIN), which works to build schools in rural areas. GMIN is a first responder delivering food and medical supplies and tarpaulins to communities in the Kathmandu valley and in Sindapalchowk, the quake’s epicentre. In particular, GMIN targeted Dalit or low caste communities who have historic difficulties in accessing entitlements. After the initial aid needs were meet GMIN moved to building temporary shelters with tin roofing. Money from NNEF contributed to both phases.

Fionnuala explained that the Tsum Valley is a remote Himalayan valley accessible only by walking or helicopter. Just west of the epicentre, 90 per cent of all dwellings collapsed on April 25. Tsum youth society was a first responder providing emergency relief and also a temporary shelter rebuild team which included a team of engineers and crafts peopl. NNEF contributed to this rebuilding mission.

She said that the Dolpo Tulku foundation has worked in villages in Sankhu in the Kathmandu valley which were devastated by the quake and in villages near the epicentre, again providing emergency relief and tin roofing for temporary shelters. NNEF contributed funds to both aspects of the relief aid.

The Sama Village Foundation in the Nubri Valley aims to promote development in this remote Himalayan district which has no road access. Here funds went to the Sama Village Foundation to restore the district to pre-quake conditions.

Fionnuala said that as the monsoon rains had now arrived, rebuilding efforts had been postponed until the autumn. NNEF’s remaining funds will be channeled to the rebuilding efforts of these NGOs. NNEF is also looking to contribute to the psychological recovery of the people of Nepal so other groups or initiatives supporting this may also be added.