Concerns Raised Over Home Provision for Autistic Children

Deputy Michael Lowry highlights concerns

Deputy Michael Lowry highlights concerns

However the Independent T.D. for Tipperary explained that changes have been made that will detrimentally impact on those who are availing of the home provision option.

Deputy Lowry stated;

“The Government have altered the July provision for families who have more than one eligible child. Previously each child would have been afforded 10 hours home provision. This has now been changed to 10 combined hours for siblings of similar age and level. Essentially this means that for a family with two autistic children the July home provision has been halved.”

“This underhand slashing of supports is grossly unfair and will have a hugely detrimental impact on families and children with autism. The July provision serves a vital role in supporting parents and furthering the education of those with autism. It will devastate families to learn that home provision for siblings will be greatly reduced.”