Kenehan Calls on Thurles People to Do Their Duty with Dogs

Pick Up After Dogs Cllr Pleads

Pick Up After Dogs Cllr Pleads

Thurles Labour Councillor Johnny Kenehan has this weekend told The Tipperary Star that it is time for people to do their duty in Thurles and pick up after their dogs.

“ It is time for people to do their duty and pick up their dog’s poopy,” he said.

At the last Thurles Town Council meeting a considerable amount of time was spent discussing the dog droppings on almost every street in town. Cllr Kenehan said “It has been an item of considerable concern to the Town Council as a whole and has been highlighted on numerous occasions to no avail, as dog owners continue to disregard their duty in picking up their dog’s waste; adding to destruction of the local environment and creating a very negative visual impact on community areas and it also a very unhealthy practice as it allows such droppings to be spread on children’s buggies and shoes and carried into their homes.”

“Perhaps people will reflect on the manner in which they maintain their pets and the streets of their town and allow other citizens a poop dodging free walk and enhance the area for all”, Cllr. Kenehan concluded.