Tipperary Enterprise Start-Up Support- A Positive Experience

The Tipperary Enterprise Start-Up Support (TESS) programme has been lauded by those participants at the centre of it. And, if it enjoys half the success its sister project in Limerick has enjoyed, it will be an outstanding plus for the locality.

The Tipperary Enterprise Start-Up Support (TESS) programme has been lauded by those participants at the centre of it. And, if it enjoys half the success its sister project in Limerick has enjoyed, it will be an outstanding plus for the locality.

Are you starting a business? Do you seek practical, realistic advice on how to establish and operate the business and prepare yourself for the unforeseen challenges that await you? Do you wish to turn your innovative idea into an award winning business? Well, then perhaps the TESS programme is the place for you.
This FREE 1 year business program, with hands on business support, provides management development for entrepreneurs, training and one to one business mentoring. It helps with guidance to create that business and offers free office space, broadband, meeting facilities and m uch more.

“At the moment we have 12 people on this programme and the response has been absolutely wonderful. Programme content is designed and facilitated by The Discovery Partnership and it is really a top class mentoring programme which brings people of similar drive together and gets them working towards starting their own business, or getting their own ideas moving,” John Kennedy of LIT Tipperary told The Tipperary Star.

“Having an Enterprise Centre on campus has made it possible for LIT to run the TESS programme in Thurles and I have no doubt this will contribute significantly to the local economy,” added Cllr Seamus Hanafin. 
While LIT Tipperary is running the programme, the fact that they have been able to hold it in the Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre is a big bonus. The necessary facilities are in place and there is a real business atmosphere too which fosters and encourages a sense of get-up-and-go.
“The facilities here are very impressive and they have resulted in a lot of people coming together who have similar goals. This is very important when it comes to opening new doors for people and we are delighted to be involved with the programme which we think is one of the best in the country. It is a pleasure really to be involved here because we are pushing an open door - those who are on the programme want to learn so that they can move forward and start their own business,” Billy O’Connor of The Discovery Partnership said.
Perhaps though it is best to hear from those at the coalface - those who have the seeds of an idea in their minds and want to bring it to fruition.

Noel Cahill, Press Officer in the Department of Social Protection has taken a career break to pursue his Premier Sporting Goods dream. This a very new departure for Noel and although he has a lot of work done on the project, he now wants to take it to the next level in order to make it work.
“I am finding the TESS programme very helpful. It’s the small things that you find out which really makes it all worthwhile. We get mentoring on so many aspects of owning and running your own business and it is great to be able to sit and chat with others as well and to get feedback from them – even though at times they might not realise how they are influencing you or helping you,” Noel said.
Charlie Mernagh who is launching a training based business agrees.  He worked for many years in insurance and although he was nominally self-employed,, he had a whole team around him working in supporting roles. Now that the situation has changed and Charlie is really self-employed now with no supporting team, he finds the environment in the Enterprise Centre of great benefit. 

“I have found that I am coming to work here inThurlesas opposed to working away at my desk at home. In that sense, I was never actually away from work and I was bringing it home with me all the time. That wasn’t a good situation to be in, but now I find that I am meeting with others in here, bouncing ideas off them and interacting. Plus, the mentoring and coaching with the TESS scheme is top class, second to none. I am learning aspects of business that I should have known, but didn’t,” he says.

The TESS Programme comprises of a range of integrated supports to the entrepreneur during the vital business start-up stage and places emphasis on group training, individual business coaching and mentoring all focused on facilitating and guiding individuals in their business plan development process.
The training and skills development element of the programme specifically promotes development of management capability and also personal development of the individual within a group environment.
Applications and further details on the TESS Programme and other LIT Enterprise Supports available on www.LIT.ie
Anyone interested in attending a business start-up course should contact John at 0504 28042 or johnm.kennedy@LIT.ie
It could help you to unlock your potential as you go about establishing your business.