New Home for Cashel’s Brass Band?

By Eoin Kelleher

By Eoin Kelleher

CASHEL’s St Patrick’s Brass Band may find a new home in the town’s old Scout Hall, if plans put forward by members of Cashel Town Council come to pass. Older members of Cashel’s Brass Band are finding it impossible to climb the stairs of their current practise area, the Old Town Hall.

Previously, the Band played in Cashel Courthouse while that was being restored. Cllr Eoghan Lawrence raised the plight of the band, which is always on hand to take part in special civic events and functions in the historic town.

Cllr Lawrence said he had noticed that some of the older members found it hard to climb the stairs of the Town Hall into what was the old Town Council Chamber. As a result, the band now practise on the ground floor, which is “not particularly suitable.”

Cllr Lawrence said they have to go up three to four flights of stairs.“It’s really being brought to a head. Elderly members are not able to bring their instruments upstairs. They have to go down the hall to do their practise. Of all the organisations in this town, the Band have given much to the town. They’ve been called for so many events. The town is very proud of their history.”

Cllr Lawrence said it’s hoped the Scouts could facilitate the Brass Band in the old Scout Hall. “This situation should be rectified as soon as possible on their behalf.”

Currently, the Scout Hall faces expensive restoration work due to the presence of asbestos. Cllr Martin Browne (SF) suggested contacting the Scouts about the possibility of allowing the Brass Band access to the Hall once the asbestos is removed.

Town Clerk Marie McGivern said they had obtained a price of about E4,000 to remove the asbestos. There had been a meeting between Scouting Ireland about the use of the hall. “The next challenge would be to get money to remove the asbestos.” The South Tipperary Development Company (STDC) may be able to help, suggested Ms McGivern.

Town Engineer Willie Corby said he had contacted a spokesperson for STDC. “We wrote to them in January. They have a long term lease on the building.” A spokesperson for the development company said they do not have the money to remove the cancer-causing asbestos. Mr Corby said it was the responsibility of STDC to maintain the site.

Ms McGivern said she would set up a meeting between the Scouts and the Brass Band. “There might be help from the County Council.” Cllr Browne (SF) said he was confident the Scouts would facilitate the Band. “The only expense is the removal of the asbestos.”