Outgoing Mayor Is Praised For His ‘Dignity’

By Ronan Dodd

By Ronan Dodd

Outgoing Templemore Town Council Mayor, Cllr Joe Bourke, said that there had been a few highlights for him during his year in office.

Among them were the opening of the new treatment plant, which, he said, would be “great for the town”.

Cllr Bourke also pointed to the council’s 150th anniversary as one of the highlights of his term, and thanked Cllr Maura Byrne for “driving it”, and that that it had been a great success.

He said that not many towns could say that they don’t have a housing crisis, but it was “true to say about Templemore”.

And while there had not been much progress on the Tranquility Garden, Cllr Bourke was confident that it would “definitely happen”.

He thanked everyone for their help and co-operation throughout his term of office.

His fellow councillors were full of praise for the outgoing Mayor, with Cllr Lily O’Brien’s opening remarks that he had “done a very good job” being supported by every speaker.

Cllr Marcus Wilson paid tribute to Cllr Bourke for his contribution to the council and the local community.

“You came in here with a strong community spirit and it showed through,” he said.

Cllr Bourke was also praised by town manager, Karl Cashen; county manager, Joe MacGrath, and town clerk, Tom McGrath.

“Our achievements for a small town were not bad in these tough times. You grew into the role and carried yourself with great dignity,” said Mr McGrath.