Action Required for Nenagh Odours - McGrath

By Noel Dundon

By Noel Dundon

North Tipperary County Councillor Hughie McGrath has called on the local authority to address a problem with foul odours on Pearse and Kenyon Streets in Nenagh town which is causing a lot of distress to residents, business people and shoppers alike.

The former Mayor of Nenagh town was speaking at the monthly meeting of the County Council this week when he asked the council officials to investigate the cause of the problem at Kenyon Street and Pearse Street.

“This has been going on for a long time now and it requires us to do something about it before we begin putting more charges on people. We need to do something as a matter of urgency because there are a lot of businesses in the area and it is not pleasant to have smells like this lingering around the streets. I am appealing to the council to get this matter in hand,” Cllr McGrath said.

Director of Services Mr Marcus O’Connor said that while there is an issue with the sewerage system in the town, much of the problem relates to uncontrolled release of fat into the system by businesses. The council, he said, had used a probing camera in the system in a bid to spot potential problems and it became quite obvious that fat was a major cause of the smells coming from the system.

“I don’t have a problem with people referring to the system we have in the area, but they should also acknowledge that this fat which is being released into it is also causing a big problem. Grease removal traps should be used by the businesses where applicable and this is not happening,” Mr O’Connor said.

Cllr McGrath responded by saying that the sewerage system in this section of Nenagh is quite old and needs to be sorted out . If people are letting fat into the system, they should be dealt with also, he said.