Michael Lowry Lambastes Moriarty

Ire-laced statement accuses Moriarty of bias against him.

Ire-laced statement accuses Moriarty of bias against him.

In an ire-laced statement this week, a hurt and angry Deputy Lowry confirmed that he will instigate a ‘comprehensive legal challenge’ in the Irish courts and if necessary in the European Courts to reverse the costs order issued by Justice Moriarty which denied full costs and cited delaying and frustrating the Tribunal as the reason.

Deputy Lowry stated that the Moriarty Tribunal has, by its prolonged actions, engaged in a horrendous breach of fair procedure, has infringed on his constitutional rights as a citizen and has also trampled over his human rights. He added that he intends vindicating his rights and will ‘not be shackled forever to the biased and single minded opinions of the Tribunal Chairman’s Inquisition.’

Deputy Lowry stated that he did not go to the courts in the past to challenge anything from the Moriarty Tribunal as it would have been pointless. However, this latest action changes the goalposts as it attempts to impose actual punitive financial consequences on him - an action, he has been advised, which the Tribunal has no power, or right in law, to do particularly where it is not basing its findings on evidence and where the Supreme Court has already ruled that Tribunal cannot make decisions with actual legal and punitive consequences.

“For 15 years my legal team and I have given extensive co-operation to the Tribunal. I was subjected to intense personal and public investigations on an unprecedented level. This ruling by the Chairman demonstrates incredible bias,”he said. See page 3 .