GOvts Abject Failure on Special Needs

Lowry slams the government

Lowry slams the government

Deputy Michael Lowry has slammed the Govt. for undermining the supports in place to assist special needs pupils.

“Whilst the National Council for Special Education state that the allocations for SNA and resource remain the same the reality is that due to increased demand, pupils will not receive all that they are entitled to. There is a 10% increase, or 4,100 additional pupils, for the same amount of resources. As a result children with special educational needs will receive a further 10% less than their allocation. This reduction in hours will represent a 25 per cent cut since 2010/2011.”

“These cuts will have a devastating impact on the pupils who were availing of this assistance and will have a huge impact on the classroom generally. These supports are essential for those pupils who require some additional help and some one on one attention. They play a vital role in ensuring that all pupils are afforded the best possible opportunity to advance and learn to the best of their abilities.”

“The abject failure by the Government to protect these children and afford them adequate supports to allow them to reach their full potential is grossly unfair, discriminatory and is devastating for the children and their parents.”