Templemore Traders’ Concerns Over ‘Reduced’ Parking Spaces

By Eoin Kelleher

By Eoin Kelleher

Councillors at this month’s meeting of Templemore Town Council expressed concern that some information regarding the new layout may have been inaccurately conveyed to some local business people, causing undue alarm.

Cllr Mick Connell and others had recently met with the Traders, and their spokesman Martin Grey. Mr Grey was “very critical” of the map showing the new layout. Cllr Connell said he took “fierce exception” to Mr Grey’s criticisms of the map. “He said he would not be the conveyor of bad news. He wanted the Town to write to each of the Traders and supply them with a map.”

It’s understood the Traders’ main concerns centre around the proposed “build outs” next to the new roads. The Traders want these build-outs to be less, said Cllr Connell. The Templemore Traders met this week to discuss the issue.

Secretary of the Traders Association, Paul Walsh, said the approved layout would see a reduction in car parking spaces in the centre of town, from 102 to 68. “This is definitely not acceptable,” Mr Walsh told the Tipperary Star. The Traders had “no imput” into the plan, added Mr Walsh. “Our concern is that the build-out is huge. That 25% reduction in car parking would be of huge concern. Every other town in the country wants to increase their parking, and here we are reducing ours.”