Student’s Open Letter

To whom it may concern,

To whom it may concern,

My name is Natalie Kennedy I am 18 years old and in sixth year in the Presentation Thurles.

I am from a disadvantaged background: both my parents are unemployed and I am the eldest of four children. I am repeating my leaving cert after this year with a view to achieving a medicine course in Dublin for 2012.

I strongly oppose all increases in third level student costs. This school year all the money my family can scarcely afford must be spent on my bus to school (€25 a week) and my maths grinds (€40 a week).

It just is not fair that next year I will be expected to pay a tuition of €5527 minus the insufficient grant money I am entitled to and plus the cost of living in Dublin city for a year.

I do understand the need of our current government to raise money, and realise other developed countries are not as lucky as us to have relatively free education such as America, but American parents and students have known their entire lives that this expense is imminent and as such save their entire lives for it. As I have previously said I understand the government’s need to reduce expenditure and the countries national debt, I would like to propose that these changes to students do go ahead but at a later date (perhaps 2014) so that I myself and others in similar circumstances will have time to prepare and save for the oncoming costs.

I believe that holding back on student costs until 2014 is a realistic approach that will greatly benefit individuals and families in your Constituents and Nationwide and I deplore you from your political standpoint to voice my opinion as I also will.

Yours hopefully,

Natalie Kennedy