'Bord na Móna must offer a generous redundancy package to all workers'

'Bord na Móna must offer a generous redundancy package to all workers'

This is an important week for workers at the Bord na Mona plant in Littleton with negotiations about the severance package coming to a conclusion according to Cllr Seamus Hanafin.

Speaking at this week's council meeting Cllr Hanafin compared the closure of the Lisheen Mine with the planned closure of the Briquette factory in Ballybeg.

“The Municipal District Council awarded a civic welcome to the Mine owners Vedanta for the manner in which they handled the Mine closure. Vedanta is an Indian mining company and they committed in their closure plan to setting a new standard for Mine closures and then they delivered on that promise” Cllr Hanafin said.

“They looked after their employees, their local community and secured the future of the site and deserved to be recognised for that commitment”

“Bord na Mona are a semi-state company owned by the people of Ireland. They too have a responsibility to their workers who have always shown great loyalty to the company and they have a responsibility to the wider community to ensure that that the bogs have a future use”

“I hope our semi-state company will meet the standard set down by Vedanta” Cllr Hanafin concluded.

Meanwhile, Deputy Jackie Cahill also called on Bord na Mona to show generosity to the Littleton Bord na Mona workers in the redundancy package that is to be offered soon. Cahill said that negotiations between the workers and the Company are now at the end stage and considering the healthy financial position of the Company it is important that the workers are treated fairly.

Cahill went on to say that the contribution that the Littleton area has made to Bord na Mona over many decades must be reflected in how the workers are treated. Cahill recently challenged the incoming Chairman of Bord na Mona at a Dail committee hearing to insure that Bord na Monas withdrawal from Littleton is done in a structured way, that all opportunities for the site be explored and most of all the workers themselves are properly remunerated for their long service.