Tipperary farmers are advised to get ready now for next spring

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Tipperary farmers are advised to get ready now for next spring

Christmas is almost on our doorsteps which means the start of the busy farming season is just around the corner and now is the time to plan your labour requirements.

It is important for farmers to set aside some time to plan for 2018.

Figures show that the average farmer in Ireland works 49 hours per week, hence why it is vital to get a plan in place for spring now.

Use the month of December to set yourself up for the busiest time on your farm.

Here at FRS, we put together a few pointers to get yourself prepared for the spring:

n Take time to change your practices and habits. If something did not work last year then it will not work this year

n Know your own Limits. The assessment of labour is an area that many farmers struggle with

n Be realistic - based on your requirements last spring

n Based on workload last year, decide whether you need to get someone in to help out or not

n Plan your winter dry off and feeding so that cows calve in correct body condition score (BCS). Put an appropriate dry cow mineral feeding programme in place

n If you are planning to get cows to grass after calving, do you need additional cow tracks or paddock openings?

n Order and have available all necessary veterinary supplies

n Anything that needs fixing around the farm get it done now

n Check your calving and calf-rearing facilities. Ensure that you have enough space for all expected calves

n You also need to prepare yourself for the busy calving season. Take a break in January from milking and the general farm work

FRS has a number of ways in which they can help you come the spring.

Farmers will be all too familiar with the compliance requirements around calving, such as the necessity to tag and register calves within 27 days of their birth. This can be done in seconds and on the spot with the Herdwatch App. A free trial is currently available on www.herdwatch.ie

If you have decided, that you need some help on the farm for Spring make Farm Relief Services your first port of call. They have a range of skilled operators available at anytime. Visit www.frsfarmrelief.ie for more information or call 0505 21166.

Join the FRS Membership Benefit Scheme and get Sickness & Accident Support and Death & Capital Benefit for only €295 - That is Peace of Mind for Only 81c per day. Visit www.frsfarmrelief.ie/membership for more details.

As we all prepare for the season ahead in 2018, FRS have positions available for experienced milkers and general farm workers to meet the seasonal demand.

Go to www.frsfarmrelief.ie/careers to apply online.

Contact FRS to discuss your labour requirements for 2018. Call FRS Roscrea on 0505-21166 or our South Tip office on 052-744 1598