Tipperary to win 2018 All-Ireland Hurling Final says Old Moore's Almanac!

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

By Nicole Buckler

Old Moore’s Almanac is most famous for its predictions of future events

Tipperary will win their twenty eight All-Ireland hurling title in 2018, according to Old Moore’s Almanac, which is most famous for its predictions of future events - both Irish and global.

The Almanac also predicts that Dublin will take the All-Ireland Football title while Mayo ladies will win the All-Ireland Ladies Football final.

Old Moore’s Almanac is 254 years old and has been a stocking-filler since its inception and its predictions have been getting great domestic and international news coverage for their accuracy. For example, a year before it happened, Old Moore predicted that Kanye would have mental health problems, the Barrier Reef would be at risk of dying, and that drone pizza delivery would happen. He also predicted the rise of Bitcoin over 5 years ago. 

The magazine holds on to its position of having the highest circulation of any of the indigenous magazines in the country with sales hovering around 47,000 copies. It has enjoyed a revival in recent years due to its accurate predictions and its love of futurism. 

So what predictions does it have for 2018? 

- Get your wellies on, it’s going to be a very wet year in Ireland. Flooding will be a problem.

- This is the year of the cryptocurrency. Physical money will be gone. Cryptocurrencies will change the world in a short span of time. The one to watch is Ethereum, or “eth” as it will become known. (Let’s not forget that Old Moore told readers to buy Bitcoin over 5 years ago). 

- There will be a lot of well-known people who will die suddenly/unexpectedly. 2018 will be the year of the shock-death of celebrities.

- China announces the creation of the largest city in human history. We will get more positive news about the country rather than stories about China being the baddies.

- Trump’s health in the spotlight. It’s a cover-up.

- Hollywood has a problem with movie funding. It risks total collapse in 2018.

- Terrorism for Canada.

- A famous person will have a shock gender change. This will lead to endless debate about transgender issues.

- A terrorist act in an Eastern nation will shock the Pacific Rim countries.

- North Africa will have a storm of problems.

- An Irish celebrity dies, it is big news.

- Brexit causes us huge problems.

- More discussions about getting religion out of school.

- Irish Millennials to move abroad in increasing numbers. Complaints by bosses that Millennial workers are work-shy and unmanageable.

- Irish presidential election is the most boring ever. Discussion about the president’s usefulness ensue.

- More minor seismic action for Ireland. 

- Many complex surgeries are performed by robots. Telesurgery is discussed… doctors doing operations over long distances using robots in-situ.

- New online real estate service that will get rid of the 30 to 60 to 90 day process. House sales will now clear in 24 hours.

- There will be an “ad-apocalypse” that is, many companies will pull their advertising from online media sites.

- Software engineering is a good career choice for graduates.

- Fake polls and fake protestor scandals make the news. Fake numbers, fake news and other fake dramas continue to be a problem. This will prompt new kinds of “verified news” sites.

- George Clooney announces his political interests.

- Trump is more careful with Twitter.

- Melania takes a back seat however she is a slow burner and people grow to admire her.

- In 2018 there will be more celeb splits than ever before.

- A boy for William and Kate.

- Kimye will have a trial separation or a split.

- Heart problems for Pope Francis.

- There will be more transport terrorism, on transport types not used before.

- Drone deliveries for fast food and groceries will come fully online.

- New fabrics will take the fashion world by storm.

- Big quake for the USA in 2018.

- Asia and Europe will also suffer strong seismic activity.

- A drug to prevent obesity is launched.

- Strange news about pensioner crime waves. Keep an eye on your granny.

- Africa will talk about having a common currency by 2021, the Afro, or the Afriq.

- Moves behind the scenes are still on for one world currency: it will be an e-currency.

- A new king comes online.

- Work decentralises: working at home eases the property crisis as people can live further away from city centres.


Gaelic Football All Ireland Men: Dublin

Gaelic Football All Ireland Women: Mayo

Hurling All Ireland: Tipperary


Here are some of our favourite predictions from 2017 that our inhouse psychic got right: 

- Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy

- Dublin would win the All-Ireland against Mayo

- Inland flooding would be a worldwide topic in 2017. (The USA, Bangladesh, India and Nepal among other places suffered monumental flooding in 2017.)

- Hugh Heffner would be in the news (he died this year).

- The rise of Bitcoin (still going through the roof)

- Kim Jong-un loses his marbles. 2017 would be all about Japan (yep).

- Reverse-aging breakthroughs

- That an international hotel attack would make the news globally (Las Vegas shooting)

- Sex robots would be in the news all year (yes, ew)

- News about JFK would flood the media

- 2017 is the year of the scandal, especially with banks, big business execs and with celebrities hiding money. (The "Paradise Papers" have hit the news, and there they are... banks, big business, execs, even the Queen of England.)

- Slight seismic action in Ireland (there was a minor earthquake in Donegal)

- Apple would have trouble with its Irish operation

- The geopolitical future of Europe will become right wing.

- Terrorist attacks in Scandinavia, and Russia (a hijacked truck was driven into pedestrians along a shopping street in Sweden, a week later a Petersburg metro station was bombed.)

- Saudi women would rise (They are now allowed to drive … as long as their “guardians” let them.)

- The Middle East would start moving away from religion (The Saudi Crown prince says he will modernise Saudi Arabia and moderate Islam)

- Prince Harry “finally FINALLY” settles down.

- New pregnancy announced for Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg.

- Floods for the south of Ireland and the north coast. (Donegal and Cork)

- Marriage has fallen out of favour, out with “spouse” and in with “partner.” (Marriage is becoming obsolete, according to the 2017 press.)

- Antarctica is in the news this year. It’s weird. (An iceberg twice size of Luxembourg broke off Antarctic ice shelf.

- There will be no wall dividing the U.S.A. and Mexico.

- Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will split.

- Sexually transmitted diseases would be back in a big way. (Unfortunately, yes.)

- House price crash in Australia (Happening now, starting with Sydney)

- The idea of collaborative government will rise, meaning no politicians, just “boards” of citizens ruling cities. (Bankrolled by PayPal founder Peter Thiel, a floating nation will be built in the Pacific Ocean with hotels, homes, offices and restaurants by the nonprofit Seasteading Institute. The plan hopes to 'liberate humanity from politicians'.)

- The Irish government will have trouble holding the coalition together and an election might be needed.


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