Slieve Bloom 5k run & walk fundraiser

€5,350 organised for brain disease research by Maria Fogarty & friends

Slieve Bloom 5k run & walk fundraiser

A check for €5,350 was handed over to John Kirker, Brain Desease Centre in St. James’s Hospital Foundation at the end of October 2017

The 5k run through the Slieve Bloom Mountains, last summer was organized by Maria Fogarty, a well known Pilates teacher, and her team of helpers from Roscrea and surrounding areas, in aid of a new Brain Disease Facility in St James's Hospital in Dublin.

The giant effort and hard work was rewarded with a large numbers of families. The trip to the Slieve Bloom mountains was accompanied by many people from Dublin and the hospital fundraising group were delighted with the very generous response by the local community.

Katie Cook, the courageous young woman who has severe epilepsy, and her consultant Dr. Colin Doherty from James Hospital, took part in the run. Katie story is on RTE Radio 1

Documentary on One

'No Time To Lose'

Katie Cooke has been epileptic since the age of 9, and suffers about 15 seizures every day. We follow the life of this remarkable and determined young woman over three months, as she prepares for the Dublin City Half Marathon in the Phoenix Park (2016). The project was organized by Maria Fogerty, a popular Roscrea based Pilates teacher. She was assisted by Liz Ryan of Streamstown, Yvonne Kinsella, Una Kinsella, Declan Ramsbottom, Valerie Bergin, Cahal Mc Nicholas,Patricia Hurl and Therry Rudin.

If you would like to find out more about epilepsy or wish to speak to anyone about the condition, please contact Epilepsy Ireland on 01-4557500, that's 01-4557500 - or visit their website and also see for more