Breaking: Tipp man released from prison in Abu Dhabi

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


John White

Tipperary man John White was in Al Whatba prison.

John White cannot return home to Tipperary until half a million Euro in debt has been repaid. 

A Tipperary man who has been detained in one of the most infamous prisons in Abu Dhabi over a debt he couldn’t pay, has finally been freed.

John White, a native of Clonmel, cannot leave the country until the €500,000 he owes is paid off

The property developer who had a construction company in the Middle East which built schools, shopping centres and hotels, was jailed in 2012 after his firm went bust in the recession.

He was detailed by police in Abu Dhabi before being trialled in courts over debt of half a million euro he owned to creditors. However, the businessman claimed he was owed far more by other suppliers and was therefore unable to pay off his own debts.

Unable to pay the money he was sentenced to two years in prison but upon his release he was jailed again for three more after another creditor took a civil case against him.

The Tipperary man served his time in tiny cell with six other inmates in one of Abu Dhabi’s  most notorious prisons. Family members  in Tipperary have been very concerned about his welfare. And, they are happy that he has now been released from prison eventhough he cannot leave the country because his passport is being held by authorities until he pays back the debts owed.