News: Works underway to enhance St Mary's Cemetery in Thurles

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


St Mary's cemetery

St Mary's Cemetery in Thurles where the weeds are taking over.

The historic cemetery in Thurles town centre where the famous Tom Semple is buried is getting some much needed attention as the weeds threatened to take over. 

Following a number of complaints to The Tipperary Star about the condition of historic St Mary's Cemetery in Thurles town, we are delighted to report that work is currently underway to enhance the area and make it presentable once again.
As can be seen from our photo below, some of the graves were almost entirely covered over with weeds - some more than four feet in height - and this was causing much distress to visitors to the cemetery who were coming in search of the burial site of loved ones.
St Mary's Cemetery was handed over for maintenance to the former Thurles Urban District Council back in the '40's and was kept in an acceptable state most of the time since. However, with the dissolving of the Town Council three years ago, the condition of St Mary's Cemetery has deteriorated, leading to a number of complaints on the part of visitors.
The Garden of Remembrance section is maintained to such a high standard by the Durlas Eile Eliogarty Memorial Committee that it really contrasts sharply with the opposite section which looks derelict and dirty.
However, work is now underway by the outdoor staff of Tipperary County Council to clear the area and try to maintain it in some kind of decent order. They have a quite a job on their hands and it is expected to take a few weeks to get it back in top order. Of course maintenance must be an ongoing process, especially during the summer months when weeds are a constant thorn, but spraying is not an option as it is seen as being environmentally unfriendly.
One caller to The Tipperary Star said, “We are seeing the loss of the Town Council now in areas around the town. These areas were always looked after and kept in order, but they seem to be falling by the wayside now and when they do get around to doing jobs, they end up being major jobs.
“This is the time of the year when people will visit their graves and maybe clean up the headstone, but they can't even get near the graves in some cases because of the weeds. I'm glad something is being done now,” one called said this week.