Vandals egg cars on the Camus road


Vandals egg cars on the Camus road

A Cashel man was left embarrassed and angry after vandals threw eggs at his car near the Rock of Cashel.

Popular local man Kieran Fitzgerald was driving home last Sunday week when his car was attacked by teenage vandals, who pelted his car with eggs.

Kieran was driving home along the Camus road at the back of the Rock at about 11.20pm on Sunday night (June 18th) when a group of vandals threw at least three eggs at his car from behind the wall along the Camus Road. It was the day of the Cork v Waterford match in Semple Stadium.

“I thought I was after hitting something. There were at least two, if not three lads,” says Kieran, who had to clean his vehicle in the middle of the night with boiling water. “There were three eggs on my car. It was absolutely destroyed. I heard a bang. I got out and I saw two lads running, with the lights on their phones. I’d say they were about 15 or 16. It was dark at the time.”

The incident happened near the stile in the wall where tourists can enter the Rock of Cashel grounds from the Camus road. “I was driving up the road, and they were inside the wall, up on the grass.”

Kieran says he’s sure many more cars got hit. “It’s a horrible thing. I had to bring out three buckets of boiling water.”

Anyone with information, or who might have seen suspicious activity that evening, can contact Cashel Garda Station (062) 75840.