Honda the Most Reliable Cars Around
Civic Scores High with Tipp Star Motorists

By Noel Dundon

By Noel Dundon

Honda cars have generated the fewest claims over the last year, proving the brands reliability, according to results just published by Mechanical Breakdown and General Insurance Services Ltd.

While Honda took top spot, it was Japanese and Korean brands who dominated the list, so we decided to check out Honda at Denis Kinane Motors, Stradavoher, Thurles and see for ourselves how reliable the brand is.

Honda cars have all the qualities one needs from a best friend – always ready to go anywhere at any time; a constant companion; trustworthy and fun to be with. The MB&G survey looked at the frequency of claims. The average age and mileage of cars being handled by MB&G is increasing but the corporate SME market generally resists extending warranties beyond the one provided by the manufacturer. Companies are also extending the life of their corporate cars and are coming to terms with the costs associated with running an older car.

As a result, considerations such as reliability are more important features to be considered when buying a car than ever before. Now all Honda new cars come with:

• a 3-year/100,000km mechanical warranty which covers your car against any defects in materials and workmanship;

• a 3-year surface corrosion warranty;

• a 5 year exhaust system warranty and

• a 12-year structural corrosion warranty which covers the body panels and structural parts of your Honda car against perforation caused by corrosion from the inside out (excluding the exhaust system), as well as

• a 3-year Roadside Assistance Programme on all new Honda cars sold and registered in the Republic of Ireland.

The survey is based on the experience of MB&G over a wide range of ages, mileages and cover levels, with varying quantities of vehicles under each cover. It is based on numbers of vehicles at risk and the frequency of claims against those vehicles, as a percentage.

We decided to check out a 2006 Honda Civic from and we found the vehicle to be reliable, clean, excellently serviced and running like a dream. In fact, having driven the 2011 model also, there was little difference between them with excellent road holding, easy to manage manual transmission, and very impressive fuel efficiency characterising this very popular vehicle.

The Civic has had a number of incarnations down through the years, but the model has proven a real winner for Honda and the underlining qualities espoused by the company are, more or less corroborated by owners. We found the Civic to be a very charming drive with much to be pleased about. It is a car with character; stylish looking and with a sporty feel; all the usual bells and whistles you would associate with a modern saloon car; but, with a zest for the road which leaves the driver looking for more.

Denis Kinane Motors, Stradavoher, Thurles has a range of Honda Civics available now in stock from 2006 right up to 2011. Prices range from 9,995 Euro for the 2006 1.4 litre petrol Civic right up to 24,300 for a 2011 version.

The sales team at Denis Kinane Motors also have a range of Honda Accords, Jazz, FRV’s CRV’s and with more than 50 vehicles in the showroom and courtyard, customers are sure pick up something that suits their needs and their budgets.

The real test of a car - would you recommend one to your family and friends? Answer: Yes.

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