Hard working Tipperary farmers are urged to take a break from farm life

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Hard working Tipperary farmers are urged to take a break from farm life

Farming in Ireland today is classed as being one of the most dangerous occupations. Along with this, statistics show that farmers continue to work the longest hours per week in comparison to all other sectors.

The majority of farmers dedicate all their time to their farm and farming life which results in not making time to get away.

Figures show that on average farmers only take 13 days off per year.

This invaluable time should be spent completely worry free, too often enough however, farmers worry about what may be happening back on the farm.

This will sound all too familiar for many farming families.

The summer time brings opportunity to get away and spend time with the family etc.

FRS can provide reliable farm workers and relief milking cover to allow you to take that well deserved break knowing your farm is in safe hands.

Jeremy O’Hanlon from Cloyne in County Cork has been farming all of his life. Every summer, he takes his wife and three children on holidays. It is thanks to FRS that he can take this break.

“Ever since I got married I have been using Farm Relief to take care of the farm while I am away. Ever since we started going on holidays, I would call FRS and they would always send someone reliable out to me that would get the work done,” he said.

Jeremy thinks it is vital for farmers to take that well deserved break during the summer months. For family time but also for the farmer’s health:

“I think it is so important for farmers to take a break during the summer months, you’re so strained and tired constantly you need it.

“If you don’t take a break you are going to be stuck on the farm all year long and it’s not good for you. It’s great to get away and you have to make the time to get away,” said Jeremy.

For peace of mind as a dairy farmer, you should have a trusted replacement milking service in place.

FRS provide reliable and fully insured milkers on a short term or long-term basis depending on the time you want to take off.

FRS operators are fully insured and trained to safeguard against mistakes. The Fees are fully deductible so the cost of using the service may be offset against your tax bill.

FRS are there to tend to the farmers needs during any time of the year when farmers wish to take a break from farming life.

To find out more about farm relief visit www.frsfarmrelief.ie or call Roscrea on 0505-21166 or Cahir on 052 7441 598.