Herdwatch app gives a voice to your cattle

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



Herdwatch app gives a voice to your cattle

Herdwatch, the multi award-winning Farm Management App based in Roscrea, has just launched their most innovative update ever, which is available for free to over 5,500 farmers already using the app.

Not content with saving the average farmer two hours a week on farm paperwork, the folks at Herdwatch have decided to raise the bar with their latest innovation, which gives cows a voice. No, this is not another smartphone game, but a game changer for farmers up and down the country.

Farmers frequently have to multitask on the farm, and for obvious reasons don’t always have the cleanest of hands. Although some will pay good money to have mud spread on their bodies, farmers get the spa treatment free of charge, every day. That does mean, however, that operating a smartphone can be a little tricky, so Herdwatch have thought of a solution and now, farmers can simply activate their new voice assistant with one tap, and virtually listen to what their cows have to say.

This means farmers can now get an overview of all their jobs, breeding alerts and other important notifications directly through their phone speaker, using the new Herdwatch Watchboard.

One Limerick farmer thought this was the best thing since sliced bread: “This new watchboard is a game changer. Before we were trying to record everything on the whiteboard in the dairy and then trying to set reminders on our phones. Now we just put everything into Herdwatch and we have all the info in one spot with in-app reminders and the info syncs to all our phones and tablets.”

Fabien Peyaud, Herdwatch Co-founder and CEO, said: “Early indications are that this new feature will enable farmers to get the information they need, in a format that is convenient to them. We have listened to farmers, and now they can literally listen to their cows and interpret their needs.”

The Herdwatch app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and can be downloaded from the Apple app store and Google play store. A summer offer is currently available, with a three months starter plan costing just €3.

More details on www.herdwatch.ie or by texting ‘frs talk’ + your name to 51444 for a call-back from the Herdwatch team.