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All new-born calves must be dehorned within three weeks

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


All new-born calves must be dehorned within three weeks

Dehorning or disbudding is the process of removing or stopping the growth of the horns of livestock using a special dehorning hot iron. Dehorning should be done by a trained professional. 

Animals are often dehorned for economic and safety reasons. Horns can pose a risk to humans, to other animals, and to the bearers of the horns themselves. For example horns can get caught in fences or prevent proper feeding.

All calves in the herd must be dehorned within 3 weeks of birth.

The date of dehorning, must be recorded in the Animal events book.

Dehorning calves at a young age minimizes hazards to the calf and yourself, is less stressful on new-born calves, and alleviates animal welfare concerns.

The advantages of dehorning include:

n horns may cause injuries to handlers or other cattle

n horned livestock may require specialist equipment, such as feeders and cattle crushes

n in some breeds, and in some individual animals, horns may grow towards the ead, eventually causing injury

n horns may become broken, causing blood loss and potential for infection

n horned livestock may become trapped in fences or vegetation.

FRS provides you with a skilled operator, crate and equipment to dehorn your calves.

FRS will have the equipment and skill to carry out this process swiftly and thus minimising any stress to the calf.

We can arrange for an operator to regularly call to your farm (every 10 days or so during calving season) to perform dehorning as the new-born calves arrive or provide a group of FRS operators to get the job complete at a specified time.

Book your dehorning today with FRS.

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