FRS advises

Tipperary farmers are urged to prepare for the calving season

FRS advises

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary farmers are urged to prepare for the calving season

As we all prepare for a busy calving season FRS have positions available for experienced milkers and general farm workers to meet the seasonal demand.

Farmers are advised to book their operators now as demand is high.

Many farmers are opting to support their workload by getting general farm help and calving help as well as relief milking.

To apply for a position as an experienced milker, log on to

The Herdwatch App is also saving over 5,000 farmers a lot of time and helping them to register their calf in 30 seconds as they tag through their smartphone.

Now is the time to do a pre-calving walk-through of your pens, chutes and calving pens.

All equipment and calving areas should be clean and ready to use.

It is always better to prepare these items in the light of day rather than scrambling to make them right at night when the first calf in on its way.

What you need on your calving list:

n Disposable obstetrical sleeves

n Calving Jack

n Injectable antibiotics

n Lubricant and disinfectant

n Flashlights

n Old towels

n Bucket of non-detergent soap

n Warm water

If possible, make up a portable kit so you can quickly move your supplies to wherever your cow is calving.

Farmers will be all too familiar with the compliance requirements around calving, such as the necessity to tag and register calves within 27 days of their birth. This can be done in seconds and on the go with the Herdwatch App.

Before Herdwatch there were only two ways of registering calves compliantly: by post or by computer, and that usually meant working late at night. Now you can forget about the paperwork or switching on your computer when you come home off the farm.

With Herdwatch, you can register your calves in 30 seconds from your smartphone as you tag.

Unlike with postal calf registration, you do not have to pay for stamps & ink, and you get immediate feedback from the Department, which means most inconsistencies or data entry errors can be picked up and corrected immediately, rather than having to wait 3 or 4 days to find out in the post.


The spring is a very busy time on the farm and farmers work long hours with very little sleep. Rushing can cause unnecessary accidents so work at a steady pace and get help in to relieve the pressure. Having supports in place to fall back on, if or when you need them, will bring you through this busy time more effectively and safely.

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