Tipp farm leader describes Dutch dairy price survey as a 'damning judgment


Tipp farm leader describes Dutch dairy price survey as a 'damning judgment

The ICMSA has highlighted the latest figures released from the Dutch Dairy Board (LTO) showing that Irish processors lagged substantially behind their European counterparts for April milk prices,

The figures come as GII, the state’s largest milk processor announces a further cut reducing its May milk price to a base of 20cpl,

The Dutch survey shows GII paying the lowest base price of the 15 major processors surveyed – and that's before their latest price cut is factored in.

Describing it as a “a fairly damning judgment”, Tipperary farmer and deputy president of ICMSA Pat McCormack said that there had been an uplift in butter prices over the last eight weeks and farmers were justifiably expecting to see that trend being taken into account as prices were set for May milk only to now be told that their milk prices – already the lowest featured in this international survey - are to be cut again.

Mr McCormack said that the figures spoke for themselves and questions arose that demanded answers from the processors.

Three Irish processors were included in the league table for April milk price and compared to twelve other processors across Europe. The results make for stark reading. Irish companies make up the bottom two of the league table while the third Irish processor featured is sixth from bottom.

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