How Digital Switchover Affects Tipp Viewers

SAORVIEW is the new digital television service which replaces the old analogue service which will be switched off on 24 October 2012.

SAORVIEW is the new digital television service which replaces the old analogue service which will be switched off on 24 October 2012.

SAORVIEW has all of your favourite Irish channels (RTÉ One, RTÉ Two HD, TV3 and TG4) plus four new television channels (RTÉ News Now, RTÉjr, 3e and RTÉ One + 1). The service also has all of the RTÉ radio stations available, along with a digital version of RTÉ Aertel and an electronic programme guide (EPG) which provides you with listings and basic information about the TV schedule. All of this is available free to air – no ongoing subscription or monthly bill.

If you currently receive your television service via an aerial only, SAORVIEW is the replacement television service for you. If you are a pay TV subscriber (such as SKY, UPC) your services will be unaffected.

Can everyone in Tipperary get SAORVIEW?

Coverage for Tipperary is very good. RTÉ NL has built a new transmitter site at Kilduff to provide improved SAORVIEW reception to parts of north Co. Tipperary. As this is a new transmitter, some people may need to slightly adjust their aerial to ensure that it is pointed at the best site available now.

To check that SAORVIEW is available where you live, or to get more information about your local transmitter, you can check the website coverage checker at or you can call the designated information line Lo Call 1850 222 012.

Will I still need my aerial to get SAORVIEW?

Yes, you will absolutely still need your aerial to receive the new digital signal. To receive the best signal you ideally need a rooftop UHF aerial. If you can receive RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3 and TG4 the aerial you have should be able to receive the new signal. (A very small number of households may still have the old VHF aerials which currently can only receive RTÉ One, RTÉ Two – those households will need to liaise with a competent local installer to replace the aerial). There is no such thing as a digital aerial.

Be wary of anyone who comes to your door without prior arrangement, saying they need access to your home or can check your television or aerial. Neither SAORVIEW nor RTÉ will send anyone to your door to check your television or aerial.

What else will I need?

Once the digital signal has been transmitted to the aerial the television needs to be capable of decoding it. Older TVs (i.e. most likely more than a year old) will need assistance to decode the new signal and therefore need a SAORVIEW Approved set top-box to be connected to the existing television set. New SAORVIEW Approved TV’s have a built in receiver which enables them to understand the digital signal directly and don’t need a set-top-box.

How much do they cost?

Set-top-boxes vary in price and in some of their functions (some boxes have a record function or pause and rewind of live TV). They tend to average at around €80.

How do I set up SAORVIEW in my home?

In most instances this is no more difficult than setting up a DVD player. If you have purchased a set-top-box, the aerial feed cable is connected to the back of the set top box and a separate cable (such as a HDMI cable or a scart lead) is then used to connect the set-top-box to the television. If you have purchased a SAORVIEW Approved television, simply connect it to the aerial. There will be instructions with each box or television to advise how to tune in the new channels.

Can I get more channels?

Yes, it is easy to combine SAORVIEW with other television services such as free-to-air satellite which gives access to UK and international channels – talk to your local retailer about your options.