Book Launch of ‘Wisdom of Age’

By Brian Redmond

By Brian Redmond

The moment you see the cover you know this book is something special. The simple composition of the pair of hands marked with age resting on a lap while the person tells her story gives one the sense of time past and experience which the elders have in abundance.

Since its inception over a year ago this book has become a labour of love, harnessing the life experiences of over 50 residents of the Dean Maxwell Home in Roscrea.

Stories told beautifully and edited with care by Mary Arrigan this book will live long into the future as a source of social and family history. The depth of character of all the contributors and previous residents is captured for posterity by portrait photographer Brian Redmond. Brian has been photographing the residents for the past 20 years and it has been his pleasure to sponsor the Nineties Club portrait wall for those who have reached their Ninetieth Year. After many months of compilation, editing and photography the book was finally launched to an enthusiastic capacity crowd made up mostly of residents, staff, families and friends at DMH.

It was astonishing to see and hear people raving about the book. Its size and quality are impressive. Tim Quinlan and Maria Cunningham of Graphic Index as well as Walsh Printers Roscrea are to be congratulated on the design and print quality. The font size and cream background make the book easy to read while the photographs are big and colourful. Were it not for the powerhouse of energy and commitment that is the Matron, Anne Keevey along with her team of dedicated staff, then this book would never have happened.

The book has been selling very well in the first week and copies are available from The Dean Maxwell Home, Mikes Good News Main Street and Redmonds, the photographers who have devoted a window to a fine display of the book. It will make an ideal gift from an older person to a younger one or a young person to an older one and one suspects that this Christmas coming it will be top of the list; but don’t wait till may be sold out! The Wisdom of Age is published in hardback and costs E25.