Residents’ Anger at Unfinished Estate

By Eoin Kelleher

By Eoin Kelleher

IT’S a familiar story in estates right across the country. You get the housekeys for your new home and move in on the expectation that the builder will finish the estate. But the builder runs out of money, and the Council won’t take the estate in charge. Residents are left in limbo, with waste green areas attracting litter, no street lighting, and empty houses next door. Pipes and rubble are left behind where children play, while broken windows and vandalism begin to spread.

A spokesperson for the Crescent Residents Committee in Boherlahan, told the Tipperary Star that householders in the Crescent are “desperate”. The Committee has written to the Council, taken photographs, and contacted a liaison officer about the condition of the estate. Since 2008, the estate has fallen into disrepair, said the spokesperson.

“There’s nowhere for the kids to play. It is very dangerous, with lots of pipes and rocks and metal. There’s rubbish there as well,” she said. Airtricity control the lighting, but, as they’re owed money, they’ve been forced to turn off the lights, leaving residents in the dark. A number of acts of vandalism have marred some emtpy houses in the estate.

“We were given the keys to our council houses in December 2008,” added the spokesperson. “Our estate was not complete at the time, nor were the houses or gardens.

“The builders were still working on the houses and grounds. The building contractor doing the works then, went into liquidation and as a result we have been left living on a building site. The estate is a disgrace. There is building rubble scattered everywhere, there is no safe place for our children to play as there is no green area.

“Five of the houses are vacant and are very overgrown as well as having broken windows which our children have access to and is highly dangerous. There is a large area across from the houses which is also overgrown and rubbish is being dumped there along with pipes, rocks and metal that was left from the builder.

“Then to top it all off we have not had street lights for 14 months which we feel is just not acceptable. We have been in contact with South Tipperary County Council more time than we can remember and have done everything they have asked like forming a committee. The estate is not only dangerous, it is a nightmare to live and look at the condition of it everyday. The Council have told us that there is money held back from the builder to finish the work but why then is it not being done?

“As a committee we are active and motivated and want to improve the appearance of our estate but can’t until the fundamentals are put in place. Spending a third summer worried about where our children can play safely and just having to live in this mess is very distressing for all the residents,” added the spokesperson.