Horse & Jockey Hotel Remembers Its Past

The Horse & Jockey on Thursday June 7th at 8pm will bring the light of other days around it, as it recalls its action packed past.

The Horse & Jockey on Thursday June 7th at 8pm will bring the light of other days around it, as it recalls its action packed past.

This includes its All Ireland champion hurlers and athletes, its links with Wolf Tone and Thomas Russell and the Society of United Irishmen and remember the United Irishmen who lost their lives in the military engagement at Toberadora in 1798.

Former Government Minister Martin Mansergh. GAA County Board Chairman Sean Nugent and Rev Norman Gamble, Irish Railway Society are the speakers.

The links and involvements historic and current, County Tipperary, and Tipperary people, had and have, with the progression of Ireland, are remarkable, especially from the formation of the Societies of the United Irishmen when Wolf Tone and Thomas Russell used the Horse & Jockey as a meeting venue with local leaders during the early 1790s to the role played by former Government Advisor Martin Mansergh whose diplomacy, negotiating skills, immense patience and personal courage, were so essential a part in getting underway, the negotiation, that delivered the Good Friday Belfast Agreement

As visitors to the Assembly of Northern Ireland enter its grounds, the monument to Edward Carson, the anti Home Rule leader of a century ago impacts on the landscape.

This iconic figure to the then Ulster Unionist people, as a young boy, had played hurling on the green fields of Airmailed when on holidays with his uncle the Rev Carson Rector of Airmailed. Martin Mansergh farms at Grenade, Tipperary as his family has done over several centuries.

The Emmett family of Thomas Addis and Robert also were landowners at Ayle Cappawhite. The Horse & Jockey Hotel of the Derrynaflan Hoard, Gobaun Saor and the community welcome you to join them on this occasion of enjoyable recall

Oh come for a while among us and give us the friendly hand,

And you’ll see that old Horse & Jockey is a loving and gladsome land.

Meanwhile, the Horse & Jockey were celebrating once again this week with the news that it has received a 2012 Certificate of Excellence award from Trip Advisor.

Hotel guests consistently commend the property with the highest praise, and recognized with a 4 rating as an exceptional achievement.

Only the very best in the business are awarded a Certificate of Excellence. The Hotel extends thanks to all their guests who shared their experiences on Trip Advisor.