Fairbrother’s Historic Novel

John Fairbrother Of Clogher, Clonoulty. as published an historic novel.

John Fairbrother Of Clogher, Clonoulty. as published an historic novel.

John farmed at Lisduff, Errill until 1997 when he took early retirement for health reasons. He and his wife Winnie settled in their present home in Clogher in 1998.

Having only attended primary school intermittently; John dropped out almost illiterate when he was only eleven years old ‑ mostly because of un-detected dyslexia. Winnie and John managed to raise and guide their ten children into third level educations ‑ they are all in gainful employment now.

After a series of nervous breakdowns and attempted suicides in the 1980’s, John was diagnosed as suffering from Manic Depressive, or By-Polar disorder. His psychotherapist encouraged him to take up writing for therapy. Then the long and arduous task of learning to read and write began, but without the where-with-all to get professional help his progress in learning and honing his writing skill to an acceptable standard was a slow process. That task was made worse by his debilitating dyslexia problem but John was determined to succeed. He joined various writing groups and is happy to say he got much help from his interaction with other writers ‑ he is presently part of the Wetlands writers group. With Winnies help and word-processors, provided by his family; this novel ‘Daniel’s Inheritance,’ is now come to fruition.

Much credit must go to John and Winnies’ daughter Grace and her husband Billy for translating the first dyslexic scribbling’s into print and also to Marjorie Quarton who recognised that the early draft had potential. Marjorie put much valuable work into editing two drafts. The final draft was proof-read by Mathew Cahill. Without all of those people the book ‑ ‘Daniel’s Inheritance,’ could not have become a reality.

‘Daniel’s Inheritance’ is set in the Slieve Bloom Mountains and surrounding area. It is a work of historic fiction set in a period after the potato famine. It is available for down-loading from AMAZON e-books onto E-readers, such as Kindle, iPad and sony.

Be on the lookout‑ John has two more historic novels and an autobiography nearing completion. He also has some plays for stage and screen written.

John now leads a full and drug-free life; writing, gardening and visiting their family scattered throughout Ireland and beyond. He recommends writing as an excellent therapy for anyone suffering from mental illness or depression in any of its many manifestations.