Shannon Group plc taking shape as key appointments announced for dynamic new entity

staff reporter


staff reporter

The Chairman and CEO designate of the new Shannon Group plc have today announced the appointment of personnel to fill two strategic executive posts in the dynamic new company.

The Chairman and CEO designate of the new Shannon Group plc have today announced the appointment of personnel to fill two strategic executive posts in the dynamic new company.

The appointments will see current Shannon Airport Director Mary Considine take up the role of Company Secretary of the new Shannon Group plc while aviation strategist Patrick Edmond has been announced as the Group’s Strategy Director and Managing Director of its International Aviation Services Centre (IASC).

In addition, Mr Pakey also announced the commencement of a recruitment process for a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Commercial Officer and Property Director of the new group.

The new Shannon Group plc, which will be enacted by legislation by Government over the coming months, will develop both Shannon Airport and the assets of the restructured Shannon Development as well as create an International Aviation Services Centre (IASC) in the area.

Ms Considine will be part of the Group management team which will make the key decisions for the business as well as overseeing the new company’s day to day governance and strategic advisor to the board of directors. Ms Considine formerly held the post of Head of Finance & Corporate Affairs at Shannon Airport, from 2007 to 2011, before her appointment as Airport Director. Ms Considine played a key role in the smooth transition of Shannon into an independent entity through her membership of the Aviation Business Development and Change Management Taskforces set up by Government to effect the separation. Her post as Director of Shannon Airport will be filled over the coming weeks.

In his role, Mr Edmond will take responsibility for the growth and development of the International Aviation Services Centre (IASC) at Shannon. IASC will be focussed on building on the existing 40 aviation related businesses currently employing 1,600 people at Shannon into a globally recognised cluster of aerospace firms. Mr Edmond will also have responsibility for the new Shannon Group’s overall corporate strategy.

Mr Edmond has vast experience in the aviation industry spanning two decades, in Ireland, the UK, Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia in a range of roles, including as founder and managing director of successful aviation strategy consultancy e2consult.

Announcing the appointments, Chairman designate of the Shannon Group plc Ms Rose Hynes said: “There has been a really positive start to life as an

independent entity for Shannon Airport, not least through the ending of month-over-month passenger numbers decline for the first time in five years this summer with significant growth. We are now advancing the second, exciting phase of the new Shannon Group plc – the merging of the airport with the assets of the restructured Shannon Development.

“We have already appointed an excellent CEO in Neil Pakey and today’s appointments of Mary Considine and Patrick Edmond are the first additions to his executive team. They will both bring outstanding experience and expertise to their respective roles and ensure we have the right people to give the new Shannon Group the start it needs.”

Welcoming the appointments, CEO designate of the Shannon Group plc Mr Neil Pakey said: “We are really excited about the prospects and opportunities for the Shannon Group and I am delighted to have people of the calibre of Mary and Patrick join me on the executive team. We are also now embarking on a recruitment process for three other key posts and are looking forward to finalising these positions.

“Collectively we will embrace the exciting challenge and great opportunity that we have in building the Shannon Group, with all its parts, into a company of international significance that will be an economic driver for this region.”