To Absent Ones At Christmas



We shall not in drawing up to the red-coaled fire

In a profusion of spirits in the hollied room

Your presence dishonour with forgetfullness,

But rather shall we in music and wine

And in the memory of another place and happy time

Toast you, our absent ones.

Nor as the carols reach to the Christmas stars

In praise of the glorious grandeur of the world,

Nor as childrens’ voices herald a new awakening

Shall we forget the warmth Of a time of togetherness,

But in a quiet prayer, pure as snow crystals

Give thanks for what you were to our hearts

For what you’ll ever be Unto the last Yuletide.

So, in a good spirit,

Glad for the plenty and the peace,

Joyous for our family and our friends.

With all the people of the earth

And in our merriment and mirth

We do remember you, our dear and absent ones.