Misery At The Source Arts Centre

A Stephen King classic comes alive on stage on Friday and Saturday October 19th-20th when Misery features at the Source Arts Centre.

A Stephen King classic comes alive on stage on Friday and Saturday October 19th-20th when Misery features at the Source Arts Centre.

It is always a big call by theatre makers to produce something for the stage that comes with such strong associations with an iconic writer. Stephen King’s novel Misery was a breakout success and firmly planted him on the psyche as a prolific writer of the horror genre. It also produced a landmark film that catapulted lead actress Kathy Bates to international success thanks to her Oscar winning role as nurse/psycho Annie Wilkes.

Adapted for the stage by Simon Moore this is the very first time Misery has toured Ireland.

After a car crash author Paul Sheldon is nursed back to health by self-professed ‘number one fan’ Annie Wilkes. It soon becomes clear however that Annie is dangerously disturbed and will keep Paul alive only if he revives the deceased main character from his Misery Chastain series.

Good horror should be designed to shock and confront and, pardon the pun; this show does it in bucket loads!

It’s suitably claustrophobic and creepy, with sound, lighting and setting all essential in creating a morbid atmosphere.

Misery is not for those who are easily spooked, but for horror junkies and lovers of quality theatre alike, be sure to get a ticket to this thrilling adaptation.

Why not make a night of it? The Source Café and Bar are open from 7pm serving delicious meals, bar nibbles, tea & coffee and a selection of tempting drinks.


On Tuesday, October 23rd (10am and 12pm) Graffiti Classics will play at the Source Arts Centre (tickets are priced at E8 - E5 concession). Graffiti Classics was founded by Irish native Cathal O’Duill whilst street performing in Covent Garden. He realised that classical music could be made fun for everyone through interaction and comedy. Having honed his craft on London’s streets, Graffiti Classics have developed a world class virtuosic show that offers a wickedly refreshing alternative to the stuffy elitist perception of classical concerts.

Sixteen strings, eight dancing feet and four voices with one aim: to shake the dust off classical music and enable young people to enjoy and develop their own musicality with fantastic flair, finesse and frivolity! It can be best described as is an exquisite classical concert, but also a gypsy-folk romp, an opera, a stand-up comedy show and a brilliant dance show all rolled into one.

All of Graffiti Classics players are highly skilled and draw from the best of both aural and visual worlds, creating an unforgettable and educational experience that is guaranteed for children of all ages. A Graffiti Classics music show is completely and utterly unique! Suitable for children ages five-plus.


On Wednesday, October 24th the Source Arts Centre will screen A Royal Affair (directed by Nikolaj Arcel - 15A) at 8pm - tickets priced at E9 (E7 concession and E5 for Film Club Members).

From the screenwriting team that did such a wonderful job with the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and, written and co produced by visionary Lars Von Trier, comes A Royal Affair, a quality costume drama based on a scandalous period in Danish history.

This stunning piece of cinema takes a look at the Danish court in the late 18th century during the time of enlightenment, the insane monarch Christian VII, political maneuverings and social change. It is the mid-1760s, and the fifteen-year-old Princess Caroline is appalled to learn she must marry Denmark’s dunce-ish King Christian VII. After bearing a child for her preening husband, the young Royal consort begins looking for a way to channel her proximity to the throne for the greater good.

The opportunity presents itself in the strapping form of Johan Friedrich Struensee, a cunning German doctor who has become King Christian’s personal physician.

With radical constitutional reform sweeping across Europe, Caroline and Johan sense they can almost seize power by default. The pair join forces to sway the suggestible King to their way of thinking and, later, join each other for clandestine clinches in their respective bedchambers.

Deftly acted and beautifully produced, A Royal Affair is a widescreen bodice-ripper with just enough intellectual heft to lift the hopes of more discerning, demanding tastes.

Please enquire at the box office for more information about the benefits of joining the Film Club.


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