‘The Delighted Eye’ for the Excel Theatre Gallery

Tipperary Excel Gallery is delighted to host the work of Catherine Daly from Thurles.

Tipperary Excel Gallery is delighted to host the work of Catherine Daly from Thurles.

This delightful exhibition, called The Delighted Eye, is well worth a visit and is open to the public from Monday to Friday 10am-5pm (with restrictions Monday and Tuesday morning). This exhibition is well worth a visit, so perhaps pick up a gift for that someone special this Christmas.

Recently retired from teachign Art, Catherine continues to work in her studio in Thurles developing her series and continuing her journey! Catherine is proving to be a very interesting and intriguing Irish Modern Still Life Artist. Catherine’s works can be seen in collections all across the nation and in such countries as Germany, United States, Holland and Australia.

She brings together an intensity of subject matter with her recurring themes, pushing and stretching and pushing the concept to its full potential.

A word from the artist: “People often ask me to explain my work, however I find this difficult to do, but here goes! I started out using all types of media, but gradually found myself drawn to watercolours. There have been many influences in my paintings especially flemish and dutch art, also the well known Irish artists Patrick Hennessey, whose technique and subject matter I greatly admire and the surrealism of Colin Middleton.

Composition is hugely significant in my paintings. It is difficult to explain why, as it seems to be innate. Where everything is placed, is of extreme importance to my inner eye. I work primarily in series; this allows me to pursue different themes, my work is a personal journey which will continue indefinitely!It became apparent to me that my work naturally fell into different categories such as; Music, which I love, especially opera; Landscapes and Seascapes; Nature in all its glory, flowers, insects etc., and of course the ever aristocratic cat! You will notice that the table is common to most of my paintings. This is my anchor point no matter what the theme - be it landscape, seascape etc. That is the challenge! I hope that you find that little bit of ‘mind, mystery and magic’ in my work”

‘The Delighted Eye’ exhibition is on display now in the Excel Theatre Gallery, closing on January 6th. Tel 062-80520.