Templemore teacher praised for film success

‘The Minnits of Anabeg’, filmed in Nenagh, was launched on the international stage in the US recently.

‘The Minnits of Anabeg’, filmed in Nenagh, was launched on the international stage in the US recently.

The film revolves around the story of the Minnitt family from Anabeg near Ballycommon and is set during the Irish Famine. Emigration to the USA was part and parcel of that era of Irish history and as such is one of the themes dealt with in the movie. So, it was a fitting step for director Alan Brown and producer Ciara O’Sullivan to take the film to the US to be viewed by an Irish-American audience.

Audiences in the United States were captivated by the story of the Minnitt family and all the more so when they discovered that the main cast members were not professional actors and actresses but natives of Nenagh, most of whom were in front of the camera for the very first time.

Ciara O’Sullivan emphasised that Nenagh and it’s people were the main driving force behind the film. O’Sullivan explained how members of the public offered their homes and property as shooting locations and put themselves forward as cast and crew members. Meanwhile Alan Brown describes the experience of shooting the film as “the summer a town came out to make a film”. Those at the American screenings were impressed by the generosity of the people of Nenagh.

‘The Minnitts of Anabeg’ is currently being entered for festivals while Alan Brown is arranging distribution around Ireland before heading back to America for more screenings.

The first public screening in Ireland was held in September at the Nenagh Arts Centre while further screenings are planned for the future.

Ciara O’Sullivan is currently a full-time teacher at Templemore College of Further Education and co-ordinates in the area of both media production and film studies. The staff and students at Templemore College wish to congratulate Ciara on her achievements with ‘The Minnits of Anabeg’ and wish her continued success for the future.