The Nualas’ One Night Of Dignity And The Widely Acclaimed Holy Motors At The Nenagh Arts Centre

THE Nualas are bringing their One Night Of Dignity show to the Nenagh Arts Centre on March 30th.

THE Nualas are bringing their One Night Of Dignity show to the Nenagh Arts Centre on March 30th.

Ireland’s top all-female comedy singing sensations The Nualas are legging it down to Nenagh for a night of laugh-your-head-off, wet-your-pants, pass-out-from-the-glamour-of-it-all entertainment.

In a world where pop stars think nothing of singing in their underwear The Nualas buck the trend by sporting proper yet unbelievably beautiful - and shiny stage attire. You’ll hear Nuala favourites like ‘Manolo’ alongside fabulous all-new classics such as ‘Sexy Farm Song’ and ‘Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Why Am I So Fat?’.

Expect scintillating vocal harmony, ambitious choreography, bags of bling and a night packed solid with craic, laughter, tears, and chat (not necessarily in that order).

Tickets for this event are available and priced at E18.

Check out for online offers.

The show takes place at 9pm on Saturday, March 30th.

Holy Motors

French movie Holy Motors screens in Nenagh on this Thursday evening, March 7th.

French film director Leos Carax’s dreamlike movie Holy Motors will be screened in Nenagh on Thursday, March 7th in the Nenagh Arts Centre.

The film follows the travels of the mysterious Monsieur Oscar from dawn till dusk as we are taken on a dreamlike limousine ride through the streets of Paris. Oscar (Denis Lavant) adopts a series of diverse personae whom he takes on a sequence of surreal adventures.

He becomes a Quasimodo-like figure stowing a beautiful model away in his sewer layer, then in the blink of an eye he becomes an old gypsy crone begging by the Seine, then a ninja warrior metamorphosing into a reptilian god.

This film is a wild and feverish flight of imagination and is compiled beautifully by the acclaimed Carax, who in the past has directed the classic Les Amants des Pont Neuf.

The written word can never do full justice to the film – Holy Motors is a feast for the eyes that needs to be seen to be believed!

The film is certified for 16 years or older and screens in the Arts Centre on March 7th at 8pm.

Admission is E7 on the door.