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The Hardy Bucks Movie Directed by:

The Hardy Bucks Movie

Directed by:

Mike Cockayne

Starring: Chris Tordoff, Martin Maloney, Owen Colgan, Peter Cassidy

& Tom Kilgallon

Cert: 16

The Hardy Bucks passed me by entirely in their YouTube days and I never did catch them on telly when they moved to RTE.

So, I was looking forward to seeing what the fuss was about.

If you’re not familiar with them either the Bucks are a bunch of bored lads from Castletown in County Mayo who like the drinkin’, the women and the craic in whatever order they happen to arrive.

Chief of the gang seems to be Eddie Durkan (Maloney) and the rest include Buzz (Colgan), Frenchtoast (Cassidy) and The Boo (Kilgallon) along with the dumbest and single most annoying wannabe gangster in history The Viper (Tordoff).

For their big screen adventure, the boys are off on a road trip Poland for the Euros, but wind up in trouble on the way.

In Amsterdam, naturally.

Here they get on the wrong side of some real gangsters and end up involved in an international drug deal.

Which is all a bit needless and heavy-handed, when all that was really necessary was to let the lads loose to have the craic.

The Bucks are very likeable chaps, the kind of characters you feel you almost know personally within a few minutes.

They’re harmless and hapless and you can’t help, but cheer them on.

But, as is the case with most Irish comedy, the lads are guilty of over-writing the material and overacting the scenes.

What they were getting up to had the potential to be very funny, but very little of it actually was.

And, I’m not sure the fans will all be rolling in the aisles.

I saw this in a cinema full of what I presume is the Hardy Bucks core audience – hardy young fellas in their 20s, mad for the bit of gas, but I didn’t hear them laughing that much.

Maybe in a looser format, without the constraints of a weak script and a silly plot, the Bucks can hit closer to the target.