Zombie Outbreak Set To Hit Thurles

By Tom Horan

All the fun of a zombie apocalypse without the collapse of civilisation, the first Thurles Zombie walk is on Saturday, 27th October

Music, food and make-up application will begin in Lar Corbett’s pub at 3.30pm until 8:30pm.

The fully costumed zombies will then walk from Lar’s, up the square and to the rugby club, where the after part will go on until 2am. Nobody will get into Lar’s without the fouteen euro ticket.

“We want people to arrive already in fancy dress”, says the Walk’s organiser and professional special effects artist Mark Maher.

“We’ll put the zombie make-up on over the fancy dress. That way we can make some more interesting stuff, like zombie Bob The Builders. Keep in mind that after we put on your make-up, the clothes will be in no condition to wear anywhere ever again. Also, please don’t come in your own zombie make-up, we’ll do it better”.
The whole night will be filmed, and the more flamboyant zombies are bound to get more screen time.

The fourteen Euro ticket fee will cover the cost of make-up, as well as a four Euro contribution to Laura’s Lymes Treatment Fund, which is raising money to get local girl Laura Cleary the treatment she needs to combat Chronic Lymes Disease.

The make-up will be more than simple face-paint. Mark will supply the same latex-based make up he has used in over 50 horror movies, as well as gallons of fake blood made with an old professional formula. Mark warns anyone one with a latex allergy to let the make-up artists know this when you arrive so different make up can be used. If you’re unsure whether you have a latex allergy, Mark advises you to “Put on a latex glove, and if you find yourself on the floor soon after, you’re allergic”.

Music will be provided by local DJs/”Troublemakers” Kev Cotter and Philly Treacy. According to Philly, they will be “serving up a melting pot of hip-hop, funk, jazz, swing, indie, house, electronica, and dead beats”.

Mark hopes that no zombies will play their role too convincingly and cause trouble on the streets , or feast on human flesh. 
“This will not be an event where we can just go crazy on the streets, but all the same we’ll have fun walking through the town”.

Home for a few months since finishing on the first Hobbit film, Mark will be involved in a series of movie make-up and effects seminars in The Source over the coming months.

This December, he’s bringing props from The Hobbit set for a special exhibition. On top of this, he preparing to work on some major international films, and is setting up an online prosthetics store.