Thurles resident Treassa Halpin launches relaxation CD at Bookworm

A large crowd attended a CD launch at Bookworm in Thurles on Friday, September 19th.

A large crowd attended a CD launch at Bookworm in Thurles on Friday, September 19th.

Thurles resident Treassa Halpin has produced the first of a series of guided relaxation CDs entitled ‘Dawning Peace – Guided Relaxation Journeys’. The CD was launched with great style by Keith Fahey from Tipp FM.

A number of other speakers also attended the event, namely John Kennedy (Manager of the Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre) and John Butler (owner of Bookworm and Assistant Chairman of Thurles Chamber).

Treassa Halpin welcomed those who attended the launch and explained how grateful she was for all the assistance that she received in making her CD.

Treassa is a natural healer and psychic who works hands on with both people and race horses. For many years she has given guided relaxation and meditation classes which she has found are very effective in helping people who may be going through transitions in their lives.

Treassa was introduced to meditation and relaxation techniques as a means to control and reduce the severe pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia. In using these techniques they enabled her, under a doctor’s care, to reduce and then stop taking the strong pain medication that was prescribed for the condition.

Having learned how to control the pain through meditation and relaxation, Treassa became interested in sharing this technique.

Relaxation and meditation are widely recognised as having powerful therapeutic benefits, especially for those dealing with stressful life situations, raised blood pressure, insomnia and for those coping with chronic pain.

Treassa Halpin said: “We all have our own way to relax and meditate. I have always found that lying or sitting listening to music, meditating or reading a good book helps me to relax. The purpose of these guided relaxations is to give you the assistance you require in the time frame that you have available. Much is said about how you should go about finding the perfect way to meditate or relax, I feel that whatever works for you is good.

Whether you prefer to sit or lie down while you listen to this CD, the most important thing is to do what feels most comfortable to you”.

‘Dawning Peace’ is structured with three different guided relaxations that last six minutes, eighteen minutes and twenty-six minutes.

“One of the most common responses I get from people who have listened to the CD is that they look forward to one day hearing the end of it as they keep falling asleep during it! That is the greatest compliment that they could pay me,” Treasaa Halpin said.

‘Dawning Peace’ is on sale in Bookworm, Angel Ambience (Old Baker Street), the Holy Cross Craft and Design Café and in the Horse and Jockey Hotel Shop.

Treassa will also begin running relaxation and meditation classes in Angel Ambience from October 6th.

For further details please contact Julie on 086 609 8265. The purpose of the classes will be to enable the participants to take time for themselves to help reduce stress levels.