Geraldine Jackman At ST Arts Centre

Geraldine Jackman, ‘Roots’

Geraldine Jackman, ‘Roots’

26 February – 9 April 2011

Exhibition Opening: 2pm, Saturday 26th February. All are welcome.

This exhibition features a series of mixed media artworks and is inspired by, and focuses on, places encumbered with dereliction and features of the material environment. Geraldine frequently uses reclaimed materials and found or discarded objects including photographs as sources of inspiration for her artworks. Memory is also an important element in her work, focusing on the personal and shared sense of history attached to objects and photographs. The process is a central part of her artistic practice, and focuses on the use of different materials such as wax, latex, plaster and resin.

“The objects and photographs from which I work suggest a vanished period, nostalgia, a moment that is now gone. I am attracted to the elusive and mysterious nature of these objects, the deeply rooted emotional resonance inherent in these pieces.”

Geraldine Jackman is a recent graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design, receiving her Honours BA Degree in Fine Art Painting in 2010.