The 4 of Us feature in anniversary gig at The Kenyon, Nenagh

The ever-popular band The 4 of Us feature at The Kenyon, Nenagh for a special anniversary gig on Saturday, July 26th at 9pm.

The ever-popular band The 4 of Us feature at The Kenyon, Nenagh for a special anniversary gig on Saturday, July 26th at 9pm.

The 4 oF Us are still going strong 25 years on - the band has achieved the holy grail in the music industry: longevity.

All artists want a career that will span out over decades and to be seen as successful, respected performers.

These artists, however, are rare, but sometimes a talent is so undeniable that it creates an unbreakable connection and stamps itself on popular culture.

For 25 years The 4 of Us have been one of Ireland’s best-loved bands and a regular presence on the annual play-lists in radio stations all over the country.

Listed at number seven in TV3’s Top 10 Irish Bands of All Time, The 4 oF Us recently celebrated 25 years in the business with sell-out gigs in Dublin’s Vicar Street and Belfast’s Empire venue, along with a well-received appearance on RTE’s Late Late Show where they performed ‘Mary’, still one of the most played songs on Irish airwaves.

Every album since their number one debut, ‘Songs For The Tempted’, has earned major critical plaudits for the band who are originally from Newry in County Down.

The track ‘Sunlight’ from ‘Heaven & Earth’ was voted among the top five Irish Singles Ever by Today FM and has featured - along with other memorable songs from their impressive back catalogue - on Irish, British and American TV shows.

With a keenly-anticipated new album due in the autumn, The 4 of Us continue to tour as one of the country’s most popular live acts, both as a four-piece and as a two-piece.

The band’s first album, ‘Songs For The Tempted’ (1989) featured the band’s smash hit ‘Mary’, a song synonymous with Irish culture, with all generations in a household being familiar with its melody. The album went double platinum and won alubm of the year at the Irish Music Awards.

Famous for being true to their music the band walked away from major record label Sony in the early nineties when they tried to rush the creative process.

The band refused to be moulded to commercial expectations and took a huge risk by deciding to do it themselves in their own way, in their own time, and on their own label. After some teething problems with the new process, the band went on to making five more albums of the music we all know and love.

Tickets for Saturday night are priced at €12.50. Doors 9pm. Please call 067 43195 for details or log onto