The Source Gallery 24-Hour Pop-Up Print Studio

Artist Des Mac Mahon will work with fellow Delete Press artists, invited local artists, the Limerick School of Art & Design students and local sixth year art students to create new print work which will form an exhibition in The Source Arts Centre Gallery. They plan to entertain, to produce excellent work, to make a statement with that work and educate people and open their eyes to the possibilities of printmaking.

Delete Press is a loose, ever-changing and non-profit printmaking group whose purpose is to promote the use of printmaking as a tool for communication and as a method of social commentary.

The 24-Hour artists participating in the event will be Des Mac Mahon, Alan Crowley, Suzannah O’Reilly, Eoin Barry, Niamh Fahy, David Bowe and Brian Fitzgerald, and Thurles artists PJ O’Connell, Frank Rafter, Meghan Wright and Maria O’Brien. This will make up a core group who will work over a twenty-four hour period in The Source Gallery and assemble the end piece.

All participants will be asked to cut a lino/wood block with an image of some item that they feel reflects how we as a society have behaved over the last decade. The starting point for the exhibition will be a 4ft print of a family pushing a shopping trolley mounted on the back gallery wall.

The trolley is empty and everything will hinge around this image.

From here all participants can make prints of what they feel is relevant to how we as a society have behaved over the last decade, their own personal statement.

Each print will then become an item in the trolley, which will build into an overflowing array of objects that fall from the trolley across the gallery walls and play an active part in the creation of the final installation.

The event will take place on Friday, March 1st at11am. Des Mac Mahon will give a lecture about relief printmaking, its history and its use as a communicative tool and its relevance in an ever changing digital age.

This talk will be open to the public and sixth year art students, it will also be an introduction to what will happen over the following 24 hours. Students are encouraged to drop in their lino/woodcut blocks in the morning.

At 2pm the project officially starts and Delete Press artists begin work printing all cut blocks that have been submitted. People are very welcome to drop into the gallery at any time while the building is open and watch the exhibition taking shape.

On Saturday from 12pm until 2pm members of the public are invited to drop into the Source Gallery with their own plain t-shirts or card that will be printed. This will be free for all who visit and may take place outside if the weather is good enough.

On Saturday at 2pm printing will finish, the exhibition opens and will run until Friday, March 22nd.

This promises to be a very exciting project.

So, make sure to drop by!


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