Roscrea Comhaltas

The Roscrea People of the year awards were held recently and members of the Roscrea Comhaltas were honoured at this prestigious event, in all branch members received four awards.

Richard (Dick) Conroy was honoured with a people of the year award for his out standing committed work involved in writing and editing the fifty year histroy of the branch. Well done Dick your award was thourely deserved. The branch also recieved two citations one for the All Ireland Scoraiocht win in 2012 and the second for their fifty years unbroken membership of comhaltas. Darragh Carey Kennedy recieved a citation for his success at the 2012 All Ireland Fleadh in Cavan. Darragh had previousely recieved a people of the year award and two citations. Congradulations to allbranch members and also to all other receiptents.The County finals of Plerecha competitions were held in Bru Boru on Friday night past, we were involved in both Junior and Senior events and allthough both groups were very much depleted and understrenght we progressed to the Munster Finals on March 3rd. Venue to be decided. Weekly practise sessions for the Plerecha competitons continues and practise for the up-comming mass is ongoing.


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