Moll Staged In Donohill

Moll will be staged in Donohill on Saturday and Sunday, January 26th-27th and in The Marian Hall, Tipperary on Saturday, February 2nd. Tickets are priced at E10; concessions E8; students E5 and family at E22. For more information please call Paul Maher on 087 413 5228 or visit

Last year in County Tipperary alone there were five productions of John B Keane plays.

John B had a genius for creating larger than life characters whose struggles we understand because they are our struggles. In Moll we don’t have to have been a Priest’s Housekeeper to understand that in a church where priests were all powerful and where women were second class citizens.

A woman who was not married had to be resourceful to attain a decent level of independence and security.

As a man who had immense sympathy for the human condition John B Keane had an unfailing ability as a writer to always go to the heart of the matter; and his plays show his deep understanding that the two most powerful needs – the need to be loved and the need for security – are needs which if neglected, can lead people to desperate actions.

And this makes for the compelling drama that makes John B. Keane’s plays so timeless and enduring.

Don’t miss Moll.


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