Lissenhall Players Present “Drinking Habits”

This year sees The Lissenhall Players present “Drinking Habits” by Tom Smith, a laugh out loud farcical two act play expertly directed by Mary Fogarty, which might leave you wiping a tear or two from your eye.

The action takes place in a tiny convent where the expert seamstresses Sister Augusta (Catherine Quigley) Sister Philomena (Mary Madden) and Mother Superior (Mary Ryan-Mulqueen) are trying to keep their convent open by “busy sewing like 20 nuns.” However Mother Superior doesn’t know that the two nuns are expert makers of wine which they have been secretly selling for years in order to keep the convent financially afloat.

When two local reporters arrive Paul (Sean Butler) and Sally (Sheelagh Chadwick) to investigate a local winery they find themselves involved in an undercover operation disguised as Sister Mary Mary and Father Paul.

Father Chenille (Liam Gleeson) the local parish priest is convinced Rome has sent a spy and persuades the groundskeeper George (Maurice Daffy) to spy on Father Paul. Sister Mary Catherine (Debbie Finn) arrives and needs to make a confession, Mother Superior believes Sister Mary Catherine to be the spy sent from Rome and asks Sister Augusta to spy on her.

The convent quickly turns upside-down as spies spy on the supposed spies and the true identity of the characters becomes hopelessly twisted.

“Drinking Habits” will run from 16th November until 18th November and 23rd November until 25th November. Performances start at 8.30pm each night in the Lissenhall Community Centre so please comes early to avoid disappointment.


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