Golden Drama Society Present Big Maggie

HISTORICALLY Golden has been known to have had a very successful and talented drama group. And, under the guidance and support of past members the Golden Drama Society is up and running once more.

Last year it staged a very entertaining variety show and one-act play, this year however the group have undertaken the task of performing Big Maggie by John B Keane. Local man Jim Keane has taken on the role of producing this show and rehearsals are well underway along with costume preparation and set building.

This is a first for many of the cast members and a lot of hard work has gone into it so the group is urging members of the public to come along to support, encourage and wish the cast well. You never know, but you might just enjoy yourself!

Big Maggie will be staged at the Golden Hall on December 8th. Tickets are priced at E10 and will be available on the night or alternatively from the Cornerstone.

You may also call the box office on 087 952 4283.


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