The Clash Without The Ash White Collar Boxing Show

Since the Boyscouts were formed its motto has been ‘Be Prepared’ and all of the participants in the ‘Clash without the Ash’ White Collar Boxing Show at the Templemore Arms on February 15th next have also adopted this as their motto in the belief that those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

They have commenced their training unofficially in secret camps in preparation for the official sessions that will commence on January 9th, there is an air of expectancy that by ‘D’ day we will be seeing in the ring males and females more than 1001 fit for the foray and the work of the masseurs, dieticians, sport psychologists, health and safety experts will be very much in evidence.

While it is to be expected that all the males involved with their bulked up muscles on arms, shoulders and biceps will be capable delivering KO blows, capable of knocking horses, 40 gallon barrels full of liquid, or half tonne bales of feed stuff. It has been brought to the notice of the organisers that the female beauties who will be in the ring have been at a training camp in the Vale of Avoca and whilst there, had a visit from a well-known lady from Bray who did not come to show them around the beauty spots or to view the scenery, but to prepare them to dish out dignified blows deadlier than the ones Grace O’Malley, Queen of the Pirates in another age, struck in the West that belonged to her.

All the pointers and the indicators are that all involved here are leaving no stone unturned in making this a show not to be missed. Valiant efforts and gallant performers assured.

Tell your friends and bring them along on the night or better still pre-purchase your tickets.


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