Town Council to act on dog dirt

Fine Gael councillor Conor Delaney has been congratulated by fellow councillors for his work in drafting proposed bylaws governing dog fouling.

The tributes were led by his party colleague Cllr Tom Moylan, who said Cllr Delaney had put a huge amount of work into the proposed bylaws.

Cllr Tom Mulqueen, Fianna Fail, felt sure that dog fouling had decreased since the council began working on bylaws.

Cllr Hughie McGrath, Independent, and Cllr Virginia, Labour also congratulated Cllr Delaney.

Cllr Delaney replied that it was regrettable that bylaws had to be brought in.

Commenting on some of the fines under the proposed laws, he said: “When it hits people in their pockets they will start to act responsibly.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Seamus Morris said that with Christmas coming up, lots of puppies were going to be given to children, but people didn’t realise that the pups grow up.

Nenagh Town Council will shortly place the draft bylaws on view for public consultation.


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